What we do

Our core objectives and interventions are covered under six thematic areas

Digital Inclusion, Tech education and Training

We focus on strengthening digital capacities of women and girls primarily by promoting equal access to technology and digital resources for all genders, bridging the digital divide through STEM, tech education training, digital advocacy and inclusive digital policies that promote diversity, equality and digital equity in the tech Eco-system. This involves initiatives ranging from STEM coding boot camps to educational campaigns in communities and schools, workshops, digital ambassadors and mentorship opportunities. Ensuring that women and other marginalized groups have the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to participate fully in this digitally transforming world.

Women’s Leadership in Tech

Promoting and supporting women’s leadership and representation in the technology sector. This includes advocating for diverse and inclusive workplaces, encouraging women’s entrepreneurship managers, and addressing gender biases and barriers that exist within the technology industry, by promoting Networking, Industry Collaboration and Community Building. This is done by creating safe digital and environmentally friendly spaces that foster innovation opportunities, entrepreneurship and information communication technology (ICT) learning towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Civic tech, Policy and Advocacy

To establish and promote initiatives necessary for effective digital advocacy, digital governance and responsible internet use by supporting legislation, and influencing decision-makers and policies to address the digital gender gap. We intentionally engage in policy discussions that advance gender-responsive regulations in the technology sector. This involves addressing issues like online harassment, data privacy, algorithmic bias, feminist internet and digital rights to ensure that technology benefits all genders equally.

Technological Innovation for Climate Action (TICA)

Promote the development and adoption of technological solutions that contribute to climate resilience, mitigation, and adaptation with gender considerations. This includes supporting innovations such as renewable energy, energy-efficient technologies, climate smart sustainable agriculture, water management, and waste management that benefit women and men equally. Climate Communication and Awareness: Raise awareness about the gendered dimensions of climate change and the importance of gender equality in climate action. Use technology platforms and innovative communication strategies to amplify women’s voices, share success stories, and foster collaboration among different stakeholders working at the intersection of gender, technology, and climate change.

Research and Data

Conducting research and collecting data on the intersection of gender and technology, highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by women and other marginalized groups. This knowledge can inform evidence-based interventions and policy recommendations to efficiently contribute to the identification and analyzing the causes and consequences of gender disparities in technology. With this, evidence based and effective recommendations are generated.